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Stan Wong on set

S t a n   W o n g
Writer / Director

Stan Wong was born in Singapore, lived in Malaysia, England and later moved to the U.S. at the age of 15. As a young adult, Stan worked with his family in property development. He moved to NYC in 2009 to pursue opportunities in the tech industry. This is when he began exploring his creative side and started writing. He expanded his network into film and became more involved in the motion picture industry. He was captivated by the work of writers, and directors. He began his career in production in 2009, writing his first screenplay.


Stan made his first film "Lonely" in 2010 and immediately fell in love with the craft. He decided to dedicate more of his time to film, establishing his company, Infinite Fountain Productions llc., in 2014. Shooting commercials and short films for clients and other filmmakers, he learned everything he could about writing, directing and producing.  Biding his time till he was confident that he could make a film that was compelling, interesting, paced well and with fully developed characters, "Departure" was written in 2014 with several rewrites and help from professional writers. It will be Stan's first feature film.

Dimitrius Pulido Headshot

D i m i t r i u s

P u l i d o


Dimitrius Pulido was born in Chicago, IL. His father is from Mexico and his mother's family is from Athens, Greece. He started his acting career with a small role in "Raw Deal" with 'Arnold Schwarzenegger'.


He then moved to Los Angeles to work on "General Hospital." He lives in Austin, Texas, where he worked on "The Change Up" with 'Ryan Reynolds' and "Machete" with 'Danny Trejo', "Sin City, A Dame To Die For," with 'Joseph Gordon-Levitt'. He has appeared on indie films "Curse of Babylon," "Alternate Realities," "Harbinger," "Inhumane." His most recent project was in "Alita: Battle Angel" directed by 'Robert Rodriguez' and written by 'James Cameron'.


He has a strong interest in supporting organizations that help abused women and children and would like to get more involved as a spokesperson to share his own personal experiences. He would like to further his career so it can be used as a vehicle to get more help for these causes.

Michael Goodman on set

M i c h a e l

G o o d m a n


Michael Goodman attended Baylor University, where he discovered the exciting world of filmmaking.  He graduated in 2015 with a degree in Film and Digital Media.  


He helped write the story for “Departure” with Stan Wong.  When Stan first told him of the concept of “Departure”, he easily saw the need for this story to be told.  Michael was already seeing the effects of technology on society, how people were blindly trusting technology while ignoring any potential negative effects it may have.  The theme of finding the truth, conveyed through the character Cassidy, is also very important to him as he feels that many people in society today, ignore the truth of the world for their own biased viewpoints and comfort. 


Michael believes that the story of “Departure” needs to be told because it may help make people think on why new tech mentality can’t always be trusted and that people should focus on their connections with their neighbors over their connections to technology.  

L a u r i e
A s h b o u r n e
Writer/ Producer

Laurie comes to the film industry via the feature animation world. She spent eleven years at Walt Disney Studios, where among other things she learned the craft and nuance of story and how to balance that with the business. After which led her into the world of documentary as a writer/director for, The Center of Story, a doc centered on the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, TN. From there she went to work as a story producer and script supervisor with an acclaimed documentary director David Modigliani (Crawford, 61 Bullets, Running With Beto).


With several features she wrote as work-for-hires in production, a half a dozen ghost-writing films and pilots in development, and a 3 original features optioned and in early production, she is also longstanding story analyst and consultant for many top level competitions and film festivals and producing a documentary for iconic director Robert Greenwald under his Brave New Films shingle. Her original story 10-31 was recently part of a sought after deal that landed with Producers Eli Roth and Roger Birnbaum at Orion Pictures and is on a fast track into production. 

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